We provide gentle acupuncture migraine treatment in our Centennial, Colorado clinic

Acupuncture for Migraine Relief

Good news! Traditional Chinese Medicine can help with migraines and headaches!

When migraine attacks happen, it can literally put your life in a standstill. Are you tired of lying in a dark room for hours at a time? We understand your frustration and feeling like the symptoms are out of your control. But did you know that acupuncture can offer significant relief without the side effects of conventional medications?
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help with the following:
  • Reduce severity of migraine pain.
  • Reduce headache and migraine attack occurrences.
  • Prevent migraine attack. Some patients experience visual aura before their migraine attack. Patients have reported that their visual aura would appear but never developed into a migraine with regular acupuncture treatments.
  • Reduce stress, which for some people can be a trigger for a migraine.
  • Promote overall healing and wellness. Chinese medicine has helped cases where there is no known cause for migraine.

Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes that all individuals are different, therefore your treatment plan will also be unique based on your specific conditions.

Your unique treatment plan will take in consideration a number of factors:
  • Location of headache. Do you experience headache behind the eyes and temples, top of the head, or on the side of your head?
  • Pain sensation. Is the pain dull/throbbing or sharp/stabbing?
  • Time headache usually occur. Do you get a headache during the daytime, nighttime, or is it after a certain activity?
The treatment of migraine and headache using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has been widely successful. We strive to provide quality care and deliver a comprehensive treatment program that goes beyond treating your headache.

After your acupuncture session, you may even notice other effects such as improved digestion, better sleep, and feeling more energized during your day-to-day activity.

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