We provide restoring tcm, acupuncture and chinese herbal treatment in our Centennial, Colorado clinic

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Herbal Remedies

Like a car engine, our body needs the proper lubrication and fuel to function.

The car engine also needs a proper water-pump system to maintain a range of temperature to prevent overheating. Our body uses fluid to maintain homeostasis by sweating, excreting by-products, and carry out hundreds of biochemical processes.

When an organ lacks a certain nutrient, that organ can no longer function at its full potential. This is why a large part of Chinese Medicine calls upon the use of herbs to supplement and correct the function of such an organ and the body as a whole.
In our TCM clinic in Centennial, Colorado, we prescribe Chinese herbs to prolong patients’ acupuncture treatment effects.

If you are taking prescription medications, it is important for us to work closely with your Western doctor to monitor your progression.

We also offer Chinese herbs to those who are not able to receive acupuncture treatments.
Why TCM and Chinese herbal therapy?

  • Maintain organ functions by supplying the proper nutrients
  • Correct imbalances or restore functions to affected organs
  • Prolong your treatment effects outside of our treatment room
  • Useful in the treatment of disease without the use of acupuncture
  • When administered by a well-trained certified herbalist, there is little to no risk

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